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Next General Meeting Poster

January 2014: Apple Ecosystem by Richard Corzo

October 2013: Virtual Machines for Backward Compatibility

February 2013: Cloud Storage by Drew Kwashnak

January 2013: Technology & Astronomy—Astro-Imaging by Marc Polansky, John J. McCarthy Observatory

October 2011: Streaming Video by Mike Kaltschnee

September 2011: Basics of Online Stock Research and Trading by Dan O'Connor
(Zoho document)

June, 2011: Computer and Information Security

May 2011 Presentation—Secure Computing in the Internet Age

March 2011 Presentation—Become a Windows 7 Power User

January 2011 Presentation—Jobs in IT by John Barry

March 2010 Backup Presentations:

View the slide show of the February 2010 presentation
"Social Networking Dos and Don'ts"
by Dan O'Connor.

January 2010 Presentation—Tour of Windows 7 by Rob Limbaugh

November 2009 Presentation on Medical Information Technology by Jack Mortell

April 2008 Presentation on Secure Computing in the Internet Age by Jeff Setaro

March 2008 Presentation on IT Strategies by Flo Ferrara

John Lansdale's Web 2.0 talk for January 2008
(Google Docs document)

Electronic Identity Theft and Basic Security
Prepared for DACS By Philip Chen CCSP, NSA infosec Professional 10-2-2007

Sean Henderson's Presentation on the SDF Public Access Unix System

October 3 2006, Firefox Presentation by Jim Scheef
(Microsoft PowerPoint file)

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