Directors' Notes


April 11, 2005

A regular meeting of your Board of Directors was held on Monday, April 11, 2005. Present were Messrs. Bovaird, Cohen, Corzo, Keane, Preston, Scheef, Setaro and Yates. As a special welcome to our new president Jeff Setaro, four of DACS’ former presidents including Richard Gingras, William Loring, Thomas McIntyre, and Allan Ostergren, attended the meeting. Also present was Lisa Leifels.

President Jeff Setaro presided and secretary Lisa Leifels kept the record. Minutes of the last meeting held on March 7, 2005 were approved.

Treasurer Charles Bovaird reported current cash assets of $15,573.85, consisting of total bank and postal accounts in the amount of $15,493.58 plus postage on hand of $80.27. Subtracting a liability of prepaid dues in the amount of $6,893.00 left a net equity of $8,680.85. He also reported current membership of 353.

The normal discussion regarding future General Meeting programs resulted in the following: for May 3, Geneology on the Computer by Jack Scully; for June 7, Astronomy by Parker Moreland; for October 4, Organizing your Hard Drive by Gene Barlow; For December 6, The Future of the Internet by John Patrick.

It was reported that our new webmaster, Scott Preston, has run into a few difficulties updating the Website using Frontpage. Jeff recommended purchasing a copy of DreamWeaver to more effectively update and manage the website. This decision was then voted on and approved.

Jeff Setaro brought up that Paul Steinmetz, the Editor of the News-Times has requested a speaker to talk to students about careers in computers at the Shepaug High School on Friday, May 6th from 11am to noon. Lunch would be provided.
Jim Scheef has established a beta account on a ‘super-wiki’ web site. His first application is posting software for review.

Carpooling to the Trenton Computer Festival scheduled for April, 16 and 17 was briefly discussed.

—Lisa Liefels

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