Directors' Notes


September 13, 2004


A Regular Meeting of your Board 0f Directors was held at the Resource Center on September 13, 2004. Present were Messrs. Berger, Bovaird, Cohen, Gallichotte, Keane, Preston, Scheef and Setaro. Also present was Larry Buoy. Jim Scheef, President, presided. Larry Buoy, Secretary, kept the record. Minutes of the meeting held on August 9, 2004 were approved.

Treasurer Charlie Bovaird reported current cash assets of $17,010.98, consisting of total bank and postal accounts in the amount of $16,913.48 plus postage on hand of $97.50. Subtracting a liability of prepaid dues in the amount of $6,012.50 left a net of $10,998.48. Charlie also reported current membership of 384.

With regard to upcoming presentations at General Meetings, it was confirmed that Bill Sweeney, Program Director, Internet Technology and Operations, Prototype Internet Applications at IBM was set for October and that, for November, a possible presentation by Microsoft was in the works with Mike Kaltschnee’s (January) program on blogging as a backup, followed by John Patrick in December.

Next explored was the possibility of cooperation between DACS and the Senior Net with the conclusion that expanding the fixed curriculum of Senior Net would be difficult, and, probably, unproductive.

Marc Cohen reminded the meeting that, at the next General Meeting, volunteers should be sought to serve on the Board of Directors in anticipation of the Annual Meeting of the Membership and Jim Scheef advised that he had received no response to his pleas for volunteers to serve as DACS officers.

Jim Scheef remarked that Microsoft’s Mindshare program had been reactivated by a new manager with expected improvement in user group care packages, followed by a general discussion of said program.

Also briefly discussed was progress in revising the DACS brochure.

—Larry Buoy

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