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Getting from Heere to There
A Road Map to the Digital Future

By Marlene Gaberel


DACS’ next general meeting, on August 6th, will feature a special presentation by our own seer, Ed Heere. A longtime DACS icon and past Chairman of the Board, Ed will discuss the current state and future prospects of the computer industry.

Ed is one of the pioneers of the IBM-PC industry, having designed, sourced, and imported one of the first IBM compatible PC computer systems in early 1983. This was less than 2 years after IBM introduced the first personal computer in late 1981.

Prior to 1987, Ed was Vice President of Marketing and Product Development for Berkey, Inc., a NYSE listed company that imported and distributed Electronic, Video and Photographic products from Europe and the Far East. He has since been President, and recently named CEO, of AMSYS, Inc. a Ridgefield, CT, business which provides computer consulting, computer services, computer networking and internet services. Ed lives in Redding, CT with his wife, Donna, and two daughters: Kristel, and Samantha (both avid computer enthusiasts).

In a little-known corollary to Moore’s law, Ed once postulated that the increasing speed of computer processing has led to an equally rapid decline in smoking by PC technicians who no longer have the time to light up while waiting for their systems to boot.

Ed has many years of knowledge of the industry and will share his insider information with members and visitors. The general topics will be as follows, but be prepared to have Ed go in any direction as the meeting progresses.

  • Hardware - Donate the old and buy new . . . PC upgrades are just not cost efficient.
  • Operating Systems - W2000 / XP / Linux - Which is right for you? For your Business?
  • Internet Broadband - DSL/Cable Modem/Frame Relay - Which is right for you?--For your business.?
  • Monitors - Is bigger always better? How about Flat Panels? How about energy use, emissions, heat?
  • Are Modems really dead?
  • Is Wireless networking ready for the home? How about the Office? Should I wait for 802.11a?
  • Are the wonderful careers in IT a thing of the past? What happened to all the "Consultants"?
  • What brands of PCs are the Best? The Worst? Do any PC companies really offer Service?
  • Will Hand-helds (PDAs) replace PCs? Will they replace Cell Phones. Will they Replace Still Cameras? Will they replace Recorders? Will they replace Video Cameras? Will they replace Spouses? They may, if you are not careful.
  • Do you really need a NoteBook PC with a GPS Receiver in your car?
  • Imagine how your life would change if the Internet went away . . . .

Plus Much, Much, Much, More--including the answer to the often-asked question: Does Ed Heere really have more sports cars than John Patrick has motorcycles? And do you really care? . . . Or, is there really a picture of Ed McMahon on the door of the restroom at AMSYS with the words "Heere’s Johnny"?

Be prepared for an interesting meeting. Bring a guest, bring your significant other or your kid(s), as the August DACS meeting is the time to find out where the computer industry is heading. Ed brings lots of experience to the field and will share his industry insights with us.

Mark the date for August 6th at the Danbury Hospital Auditorium. The meeting will start at 7 pm with the questions and answer session and continue with brief club announcements. Ed Heere’s presentation will begin at 8 pm.

Marlène Gaberel is a DACS board member and VP for Public Relations. You can e-mail her at: marlene_gaberel @yahoo.com.