Directors' Notes


July 8, 2002


A meeting of the DACS Board was held at the Resource Center on Monday, July 8, 2002. Present were Messrs. Bovaird, Buoy, Ostergren, Pearson, Preston, Scheef and Setaro.  President Jim Scheef presided and Secretary Larry Buoy kept the record.  The minutes of the meeting held June 10, 2002 were presented and approved with one correction.

Treasurer Charlie Bovaird reported cash and bank accounts totaling $21,025.69, plus postage on hand of $117.49, a total of $21,143.18, less prepaid dues of $8,444.00, a net of $12,699.18. He also reported current membership of 473.

A critique and discussion ensued with respect to the initial attempt at altering the cover page of the newsletter, resulting in general agreement that background shading be eliminated and other technical changes.

Further discussion on the subject of the possible amendment of the Bylaws was initiated. It was the consensus that additional research be done on the subject with Bruce Preston and Larry Buoy agreeing to act as a committee to study the current status of the Bylaws and draft any amendments deemed advisable.

With respect to the replacement and updating of the projector currently being used at General Meetings and by the SIGs, it was agreed that Jeff Setaro be authorized to purchase same at a cost not to exceed $4,000.00.

Addressed next was the schedule of presentations for General Meetings. Jeff Setaro advised that, barring cancellations, the balance of this year’s programs were set. Discussed next were possible sources of programs for the future, given the scarcity of vendors now willing to offer presentations. Suggested were a survey of members as to appreciation of past programs and future subjects they would like to have covered. Also suggested was solicitation of possible subjects that individual members or SIGs could present and of "local" businesses or industries involved in technology, including Danbury Hospital itself.

Also briefly discussed was the effort being made to keep the DACS Web Page current and possible inclusion of discount incentives for DACS members and/or links thereto. In addition, the issuance of DACS membership cards was suggested and various tie-ins explored.

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