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What ME can do for you
Find out from Microsoft


Microsoft Windows Me Box.On October 3, 2000 Microsoft will present its brand new consumer operating system, Windows Millennium Edition (ME). Also to be demonstrated, are Picture It and Publishing Platinum.

DACS’s guest speaker, John Stroiney will describe Windows Me main features, which are:

  • Windows Image Acquisition, that makes it easy to acquire pictures from a scanner or digital camera and perform simple operations such as previewing, rotating, and printing.
  • Windows Media Player 7, a powerful, easy-to-use place where users can find, organize, and play digital media.
  • Windows Movie Maker, which provides users with tools to digitally edit, save, and share home videos.

The product is designed to provide the best in digital media. In addition, Windows ME provides other necessary consumer benefits, including an improved user experience, enhanced home networking, and the richest internet experience.New technologies are changing the way we live, play, and learn. Computer users are doing more creative and interesting things with home PCs than ever before. The idea of the PC as just a productivity tool is already fading from memory. Some of the most exciting advances in home computing are happening in the domain of digital media and entertainment. Using PCs to do more with pictures, music, and video is becoming increasingly popular among home PC users.

Come to the October general meeting and discover how you can use the latest software for your home computer to work with digital media. The general meeting is held at Danbury Hospital Auditorium. Activities start at 7 p.m. with a question and answer session, followed by short club announcements. The main presentation starts at 8 p.m. For further details follow the link from DACS web site at www.dacs.org.