Directors' Notes


September 11, 2000


A meeting of the DACS Board of Directors was held at the Resource Center on Monday, September 11, 2000. Present were Messrs. Bovaird, Buoy, Cohen, David, Gingras, Ostergren, Setaro and Gaberel. Also present was Matthew Greger, leader of the newly rejuvenated Web Site Design SIG. Chairman Wally David presided, Secretary Larry Buoy kept the record. Minutes of the meeting of August 7th were approved.

Treasurer Charlie Bovaird reported current assets, including postage on hand, of $20,660.51 and prepaid dues of $8,981.00 for a net of $11,679.51. He also reported current membership of 538.

Charlie also informed the meeting that the Housing Authority had leased the proposed new site for the Resource Center to another tenant and that further developments in the renewal of the RC lease remained status quo.

During discussion of upgrading or replacing the RC computer, no definite estimate of the costs of the various components required for upgrading had been developed by anyone present, but further discussion revealed a strong leaning toward replacement of the processing unit. Various requirements for components that would meet the needs of preparation of the newsletter and the programs of the SIGS using the RC computer were discussed, including removable drives, reasonable CPUs, backup hardware, etc. Dick Gingras agreed to develop some meaningful estimates of the costs involved.

Matthew Greger discussed his aspirations for the reinstated Web Site Design SIG, the first meeting of which is set for September 13, principally for the purpose of determining the interests of the expected participants. He stressed that his intent was to advance skills in design principles of web design rather than investigating specific programs. President Ostergren stated that Mr. Greger had also expressed interest in reviving the Desktop Publishing SIG.

President Ostergren reminded the meeting that volunteers were needed to staff a DACS recruitment table at CARA’s Hamfest to be held on Sunday, September 17, at the Edmond Town Hall in Newtown. Larry Buoy volunteered to man the table with at least some help, probably Charlie Bovaird and/or Marc Cohen and Marlène Gaberel supplying newsletters, membership forms and the DACS banner.

President Ostergren informed the meeting of the upcoming (September 23rd) recycling event for computer/TV electronic components sponsored by the HRRA to be held on Plumtrees Road in Danbury.

It was proposed by Larry Buoy that new formal check signing authority be adopted in view of a request for updating of their records by the Union Savings Bank. It was agreed that all former check signing authority be rescinded and that the Treasurer be authorized to execute checks drawn on the corporation’s funds in amounts under $600.00 and, for amounts of $600.00 or more, with the co-signature of the president.

A true record.


Lawrence Buoy

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