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Who Are We?

DACS in its present form originated from several local computer organizations: the Danbury Computer Society (DCS), Western Connecticut Micro-computer Users Group formerly the Danbury Osborne Group (DOG); Danbury Area Users Group (DAUG); and the Macintosh Users Group of Greater Danbury (MUGGeD.)

DACS welcomes all those interested in computing, be they novices, intermediate or experienced users. To its members DACS offers many resources: Classes in "how to" that cover topics as varied as e-mailing, learning what's inside a typical computer or programming in several computer languages. DACS makes available a help line list of volunteers with particular expertise in hardware or software who can assist members with questions in a specific area. An added advantage to DACS members is the award winning newsletter, DACS.DOC, which sent monthly. It is chock-full of pertinent computer related information.

To members with special interest, there is probably one or more SIG (Special Interest Group) that will pique your curiosity. The SIGs meet throughout the month and are attended by both beginner and expert users. If a SIG is not available there is always the possibility to create it provided that there is sufficient interest.

For 2012 our regular General Meetings will be held on the first Tuesdays of the month. The first part of the meeting addresses questions or problems faced by members. Hardware and software vendors demonstrate their products during the second part. General meetings give members the opportunity not only to find solutions to their problems, but to experience the newest and latest in computer technology.

To discover all about the many opportunities DACS offers its members, attend the next general meeting and check the Calendar web page for up-to-date information.



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