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Voice for Joanie
The Voice for Joanie SIG was created in 1992 through the initiative of DACS member, Shirley Fredlund. This program, along with the volunteer efforts and technical assistance of DACS members, provides computer-assisted speech for the paralyzed victims of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ("Lou Gehrig's Disease"). A DACS Assistive Technology SIG was created in 1993 to research and develop new computer systems for use by VFJ and other non-profit groups.
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In 1993 Microsoft Corporation doubled $7,500 in cash contributions to Voice for Joanie from DACS members and area donors. At Spring COMDEX in 1994, DACS was awarded the prestigious Computer Industry REACH award for outstanding public service - an honor which included a $15,000 grant by IBM for Voice for Joanie.


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